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DoD Official Says VistA has an Outside Shot to Replace AHLTA

Anne Zieger | Hospital EMR & EHR | June 20, 2013

While it appears to be an outside shot, it’s possible that the Department of Defense might still consider a derivative of the VistA EMR for its VA EMR integration project, though a straight ahead VistA implementation sounds like it may be out of the question. Read More »

DoD releases 'Open AHLTA' software to OSEHRA

Health.Mil Staff | MHS Blog | May 22, 2012

Following in that long tradition of turning over successful products to the public, the Department of Defense and developer Northrop Grumman Information Systems have agreed to provide a version of the military’s Electronic Health Record software to the Open Source Electronic Health Record Agent (OSEHRA), a nonprofit organization established to support advancements in EHR and health care information technology. Known as Open AHLTA, the software is similar to that used for troops on the battlefield and will be available on the OSEHRA website for free download and use.

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DoD Request for Information and Vendor Demos of EHR Systems

It's interesting that the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Military Health System decided to announce a request for information and demonstrations of electronic health record (EHR) systems to replace its legacy EHR systems during the government shutdown. The notice about the request for information and vendor demos for a potential replacement of their CHCS/AHLTA systems were quietly posted just a week ago in FedBizOps.Gov and closes today - October 9, 2013. Read More »

DoD to Participate in VA Selection of Open Source 'Custodial Agent'

David Perera | Fierce Government IT | May 3, 2011

The Defense Department will participate in the Veterans Affairs Department's source selection of a "custodial agent" meant to set up a moderated open source electronic health record development ecosystem, VA and DoD representatives said May 3. Read More »

DoD Weighs Use of Commercial vs. Open Source EHR Systems

Joseph Conn | Modern Healthcare | May 29, 2013

Will the Defense Department buy a commercial electronic health-record system and consummate one of the largest healthcare information technology deals in U.S. history? Read More »

DSS Integrates LiveData PeriOp Manager with VistA Architecture

Press Release | Enhanced Online News | November 11, 2013

LiveData, Inc. today announced that the Department of Veterans Affairs [VA] Healthcare Facility in Miami is installing LiveData PeriOp Manager, the company’s operational intelligence solution for healthcare, throughout its full perioperative environment. LiveData and partner Document Storage Systems, Inc. Read More »

DSS, Inc. Launches Second Generation

Press Release | DSS, Inc. | August 2, 2010

Six new functionalities now available with instructional webinars detailing each tool.
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DSS, Inc. Presents a Panel Discussion on at OSCON 2010

Press Release | DSS, Inc., O'Reilly | July 20, 2010

VistA experts discuss the use of with Atlassian collaboration tools to build an online community for users and developers.
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DSS, Inc., Announces Open Source Version of vxVistA EHR Framework, Joins Open Health Tools Foundation

Press Release | DSS, Inc., Open Health Tools | January 7, 2009

Leading VistA developer release includes commercial enhancements for non-U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Providers Read More »

EHR Unity in Iraq

Joseph Conn | Modern Healthcare | September 10, 2010

U.S. Army Col. Drew Kosmowski said the Iraqis are fully onboard with plans to install VistA throughout their military and civilian healthcare systems. The advent of VistA could mean that disparate factions in Iraq might move one tiny step closer toward national unity.

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EHS and the Hakeem Program Continue to Successfully Implement 'Open' EHR Systems in Jordan

At the most recent WorldVistA Conference held at George Mason University earlier this month, attendees learned about the continued success and progress being made by EHS and the Hakeem Program in implementing EHR systems in public hospitals and clinics throughout Jordan. Read More »

Finding value in 'open' EHR solutions

Kyle Murphy | EHR Intelligence | July 16, 2012

Over the past two decades, the open source movement has gained momentum and many of champions provide valuable services to the entire internet community (e.g., Wikimedia). But the practice is not without its detractors. “When it comes to open source,” explains OSEHRA President and CEO Seong K. Mun, PhD, “many think of it as free and therefore no good or unreliable.” And that’s just the layperson’s opinion. Imagine how doctors, some of the most skeptical professionals around, respond when presented with the idea of an open source electronic health record (EHR). Read More »

First cut of VistA for NHS developed

Rebecca Todd | E-Health Insider | December 11, 2013

Two US companies have worked with UK open source experts to create a ‘first cut’ of an anglicised version of the VistA electronic patient record system. Read More »

Following the Epic Systems Money

Bob Brewin | NextGov | March 23, 2011

I reported yesterday that five members of the Wisconsin congressional delegation asked the Veterans Affairs and Defense departments to consider using a single commercial system for their new electronic health records, a move that could benefit one of the state's largest employers, software company Epic Systems Corp.

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Going Open Source with Medsphere

Zina Moukheiber | Forbes | January 10, 2011

As hospitals and doctors scramble to install EHRs to meet government-imposed rules and deadlines, a major concern for many hospitals is cost. Midland Memorial, a 320-bed hospital in Midland, Texas, struggles financially because it treats a high percentage of uninsured patients. It would have been hard for it to pony up more than $20 million to implement an EHR system, and qualify for government incentives. Then, the folks in its IT department came across Medsphere and OpenVistA. Read More »