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VA Takes Significant Steps On Benefits Backlog, Digitization

Jennifer Bresnick | EHR Intelligence | December 11, 2013

The Department of Veterans Affair’s hard work to turn around one of its biggest PR problems is starting to pay off as busy staff members are finally making a significant dent in the enormous backlog of disability benefits claims for veterans. Read More »

VA To Double Telehealth Consults To Veterans

Eric Wicklund | Government Health IT | November 2, 2012

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, which used telehealth to connect with an estimated 460,000 veterans in the past year, is looking to double that number in the coming year with an aggressive campaign that includes new and expanded services. Read More »

VA Undercounted Afghanistan And Iraq War Veteran PTSD Cases

Bob Brewin | Nextgov | December 26, 2012

The Veterans Affairs Department has undercounted the number of Afghanistan and Iraq war veterans seeking care over the past decade for post-traumatic stress disorder by 10,299 cases or roughly 4 percent, the VA acknowledged in a revised June 2012 report. Read More »

VA's Hurricane Relief Efforts Extend Beyond Veterans

Johnathon Clinkscales | American Legion | October 5, 2017

The American Legion met with VA leadership on Sept. 29 to learn what humanitarian aid VA is, and has been, providing to hurricane victims in Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Florida and Texas..."There are 60 civilian hospitals in Puerto Rico, many of which are still inoperative, don't have power or have serious damage. There's only one hospital that is like the beacon in Puerto Rico and that is the VA medical center - seeing people, taking care of everybody we can and feeding everybody we can."..."We did a lot of preparing and started sending stuff down there before the hurricane. Now we're using these resources to take care of non-veterans and civilians until the hospitals - that are either damaged, incapable of operating or we don't know the condition of - come back into the system and then we'll transfer them. It is certainly necessary for a humanitarian effort like this," Loren said...

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VA/Private Sector Medical Records Sharing Partnership Completes Phase I

Press Release | Veterans Health Administration | June 5, 2015

In an effort to provide Veterans with more comprehensive care, VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System can now view electronic patient records with select health care providers across the region, including UPMC, Butler Health System, ACMH Hospital, Excela Health, Heritage Valley Health System, St. Clair Hospital, Washington Health System, and Presbyterian SeniorCare. The long-awaited and milestone connectivity with ClinicalConnect’s health information exchange (HIE), improves coordination of care and will reduce unnecessary testing for thousands of western Pennsylvania Veterans receiving care from both VA and non-VA providers.

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VA’s Disability Claims Backlog Tops 900,000

Bob Brewin | Nextgov | December 28, 2012

The Veterans Affairs Department’s disability claims backlog edged above the 900,000 mark this week, with 608,365 -- 67.6 percent -- stuck in the system more than 125 days. Read More »

VetAdvisor Selects SugarCRM To Support Military Veterans’ Transition to Civilian Life

Press Release | VetAdvisor, SugarCRM | November 10, 2014

Sugar Helps VetAdvisor Offer Gold Standard of Care for Veterans; Integrates with Innovative Technologies Including FitBit, Twilio For Supportive and Personalized Experience for Vets

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Veterans Administration: Delay, Deny, Wait ’Til I Die

Tim Forkes | Baltimore Post-Examiner | July 25, 2013

If you’re a veteran, especially an Iraq and Afghan war vet, you know exactly what that headline means. The backlog at the Veterans Administration rarely makes the news, nor does this startling fact: 22 veterans commit suicide every day. [...] Read More »

Veterans Affairs Chief Says Agency Making Progress On Speeding Up Claims, Reducing Backlog

Staffwriter | The Republic | June 27, 2013

The head of the Department of Veterans Affairs said the agency is making strides in reducing the backlog and reducing the time it takes to process pension and disability claims. Read More »

Veterans Affairs Office Seeks Agent Orange Beneficiaries

Mark Muckenfuss | The Press-Enterprise | March 1, 2013

The San Bernardino County Department of Veterans Affairs is trying to find Vietnam veterans and their survivors who are unaware they are eligible for benefits related to Agent Orange exposure. Read More »

Veterans Affairs Research Supports CDC Recommendation To Screen Baby Boomers For Hepatitis C

Press Release | Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), American Association for the Study of Liver Disease (AASLD) | November 2, 2013

In 2012, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended a one-time screening for all Americans born between 1945 and 1965. It is estimated that 1 in 30 baby boomers has been infected with hepatitis C virus (HCV) and most don't know it. HCV is a serious liver disease including liver cancer, which is the fastest-rising cause of cancer-related deaths and the leading cause of liver transplants in the US. Read More »

Veterans Affairs Selects HP To Continue Support Of VistA System

Press Release | Hewlett-Packard (HP) | November 16, 2012

HP today announced it has been awarded a five-year, $39 million contract from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to continue providing operations and maintenance software applications support for VA’s Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture (VistA). Read More »

Veterans Affairs Sets Sights On Suicide Prevention

Crystal Dey | Echo Press | June 5, 2013

Twenty-two veterans die by suicide every day in the U.S. Any suicide statistic is too great a number, but taking into consideration the total U.S. population (315 million) and the number of veterans (22 million), that percentage is disproportionately high. Read More »

Veterans Affairs, Defense Depts. Spend Billions In Effort To Coordinate Records

Hannah Winston | The Center for Public Integrity | August 27, 2013

After two years and more than $1 billion spent, integrated health records system canceled Read More »

Veterans Affairs’ Annual Report Describes Successful ROI, Deployment Of Telemedicine, Telehealth Programs Across U.S.

Press Release | GlobalMed | April 18, 2013

Scottsdale, Arizona-based GlobalMed Deepens Telemedicine Partnership with VA to Help Veterans Living in Rural Areas Receive Quality Healthcare Read More »