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Health IT As An Ultra Large-Scale System

Doug Fridsma | Health IT Buzz | February 21, 2013

This week I want to discuss a technical report that was issued in 2003, but that (I think) can help us understand why getting to an interoperable health IT system is so hard, and why we are not advocating for a single health care IT system. Read More » Code Developed By The People And For The People, Released Back To The People

Alex Howard | The Atlantic | June 28, 2013

This new flagship federal .gov website is "open by design, open by default." That's a huge win for the American people. Read More »

How Government Can Improve EMR Usability

Jonathan Baran | | August 31, 2011

Government involvement in usability has been the talk recently.  In case your not aware, EMR usability is such as problem the government is exploring ways to get involved. [...] Read More »

HTML5 vs. Apps: Here's Why The Debate Matters, And Who Will Win

Staff Writer | Business Insider | February 3, 2013

HTML5 is a new technology that allows developers to build rich web-based apps that run on any device via a standard web browser. Read More »

If Steve Jobs Had His Way, We Wouldn't Be Celebrating The Apple App Store's 5th Anniversary

Chris O'Brien | Los Angeles Times | July 10, 2013

Today marks the fifth anniversary of the Apple App Store. And perhaps one of the most amazing things about this milestone is that it never would have happened if things had played out the way Steve Jobs wanted. Read More »

In Affordable Smartphones, Firefox OS Shines But Nokia's X Phone Strategy Is Murky

Phil Goldstein | FierceWireless | February 25, 2014

One of the major themes I'm hearing here at the Mobile World Congress trade show is that handset makers across the board are focusing on affordable smartphones. Mozilla and its Firefox OS partners seems to be hitting the mark more than others by aligning the user experience they're delivering with the price points they are setting for the phones. Read More »

Intel And Pitney Bowes Inc. Offer Dossia Personal Health Record To Employees

Press Release | Intel, Dossia, Pitney Bowes | March 1, 2013

Two additional members of the Dossia Consortium are empowering their employees to control healthcare spending and improve health and wellness Read More »

iOS 7 Is AWFUL, Not Awesome: It's Apple's Ugly Baby

Richi Jennings | Computerworld | June 11, 2013

As expected, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) unveiled its new iPhone-and-iPad OS at WWDC 2013. But what designer 'Sir' Jony Ive called the "completely new" iOS 7 isn't exactly universally loved. In fact, many people hate it. Read More »

Is Your EHR Ready For The ADA?

Alicia Gallegos | | April 1, 2013

Physicians risk lawsuits if they fail to make electronic resources accessible to disabled patients. Read More »

JFrog And Black Duck Software Partner, Announce Integration Of Artifactory Pro And Black Duck Suite

Press Release | Black Duck Software, JFrog | April 3, 2013

Black Duck Software, the trusted partner for open source software adoption, management and governance, and JFrog, creator of the Artifactory Repository Management Solution, today announced a partnership under which JFrog Artifactory Pro is integrated with Black Duck Suite, providing unprecedented levels of control, efficiency and visibility throughout the development lifecycle when using open source components. Read More »

Meet OwnCloud 5, The Open Source Dropbox

Scott Merrill | TechCrunch | February 24, 2013

ownCloud is a free software suite, written in PHP, that provides file storage, synchronization, and sharing. It provides the same basic features of Dropbox or It also provides a whole lot more. Read More »

MIT Whiz Sets Out To Humanize The Internet Of Things

Joseph Flaherty | Wired | June 19, 2013

The “Internet of Things” grows with every light bulb, garage door opener, and watch that connects to it, but product designer Valentin Heun isn’t sure that investing in these so-called “smart” devices is a good idea... Read More »

Mon, 10 Jun 2013 Usability, Not 'Flat' Design, Key To Monday's iOS Refresh

Greg Keizer | Macworld | June 10, 2013

Apple is expected to debut a revamped iOS on Monday, featuring a "flatter" design that, if not done properly, could be a step backward in usability, a pair of user interface (UI) experts said. Read More »

OMICS Group International Launches Its First Mobile App

Press Release | OMICS Group International | October 8, 2013

OMICS Group International, unveils its mobile application (app) today. Users can search, browse, read and bookmark full text content from over 300 peer reviewed OMICS Group journals and latest updates on conferences organized by OMICS Group. OMICS App is available free of charge and can be downloaded from the Google play store. Read More »

Open Source Software Has to Sell User Experience

Mattermost does open source the right way. Open source software that is to succeed in this new world is going to have to be better than anything else. You can't sell just openness anymore; it is added value, not a unique selling point. Open source software now has to sell user experience. In a way it is a simpler metric, and probably one that is going to change open source forever—for the better. An exemplar of this new way is Mattermost, the open source messaging platform. Sure, they weren't first to the game, because Slack blazed the trail...