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Commentary: Better Communication For Improved Outcomes, Reduced Readmissions

Andrew Brooks | Government Health IT | April 26, 2013

Despite having one of the most technically advanced healthcare systems in the world, the United States continues to struggle with the most basic of tasks — efficient communication and care coordination amongst different providers. Read More »

Docs: EHR Transition Is A Rocky Road

Julie Bird | FierceEMR | December 5, 2012

The transition to digital records is proving difficult for some medical practices, according to local press reports, with complaints including losing money because physicians can't see as many patients during the time-consuming implementation period. Read More »

DoD, VA, and Federal Healthcare Leaders to Discuss iEHR Progression and Important Strategies for Successful Data Sharing and Interoperability

Press Release | Defense Strategies Institute | March 22, 2012

Defense Strategies Institute (DSI) brought together senior leadership in October 2011 to look at the iEHR architectural roadmap that was released last spring, and now they are answering the call of “How to achieve success across domain data sharing and the iEHR while working towards clinically relevant, technically feasible, and financially viable innovations.”  Read More »

EHRs Getting Mixed Reviews In North Carolina

Marla Durben Hirsch | FierceEMR | November 5, 2012

Physician adoption of ambulatory electronic health records is increasing in the North Carolina Triangle area--Duke University, UNC Health Care and WakeMed--but not all physicians are embracing the technology with open arms, according to an article in the News & Observer. Read More »

First Step To Successful EHR Use Is Evaluating Paper Workflow

Jennifer Bresnick | EHR Intelligence | September 3, 2013

Every good cook knows that a finished meal is only as good as the ingredients you start with, and the same adage holds true for EHR implementation, a messy recipe if ever there was one. Read More »

Hospitals Question Health Data Reporting Standards

John Pulley | Nextgov | September 21, 2012

Hospitals want to have a say in the automated quality reporting of electronic health records in order to ensure that they are “feasible, generate valid and reliable results, and have benefits that outweigh the costs,” the American Hospital Association said in a letter to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Read More »

Some Doctors Find Switch To Electronic Medical Records Painful

John Murawski | News & Observer | November 3, 2012

Phil Talbert took the plunge and bought an electronic medical record system for his small medical practice in Shelby in 2010, assuming the pricey computer program would last years, perhaps a career... Read More »