Steven D. Freedman

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A Potential Passport for Care Coordination

Gabriel Perna | Healthcare Informatics | April 27, 2012

Steven D. Freedman, M.D. is looking to improve communication between patients and physicians, not only during the office visit, but beyond it as well.  Freedman...started up the Passport to Trust foundation alongside Mark Aronson, M.D., Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, to do just that and improve the overall patient-physician encounter. Read More »

PEOPLE-CENTRED HEALTH CARE: NexJ Systems Patient-Focused Care Project Could Revolutionize Canada’s Health-Care System

Harvey Chartrand | | July 31, 2013

[...] The CHWP is a people-centered software and web technology created by NexJ Systems that integrates eHealth mobile technology, prevention and health care. Read More »