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Skypotherapy : Zesty Guide To Online Medical Consultations

Lloyd Price | LinkedIn | May 3, 2014

...[V]ideo calling could reduce waiting times, cut missed appointment rates, increase efficiency and improve access to healthcare for those who need it most. Video calling services such as Skype are free to use for anyone with an Internet connection and considering over 80% of us now have access to high speed Internet, why are these appointments still considered a novelty in the UK?...

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The Rise of Telemedicine

As reimbursement evolves from fee for service to alternative payment models, incentives will shift from treating sickness to keeping the population healthy. New investments will be made in technologies that reach into the home and enhance care team communication. 2016 saw an acceleration of telemedicine/telehealth. 2017 will see exponential growth. Telemedicine is hard to define. It could be real time video teleconferencing between clinicians (a consult), between a patient and clincian (a visit), or group to group  (tumor board discussion). It could be the transmission of a static photograph, such as the poisonous mushroom/plant teleconsultation I do 900 times per year. It could be secure texting to coordinate patient care...

This Actually Is a Test

When it comes to health care, testing is not what it used to be, or what it is going to be in the not-too-distant future. For example, confirmation of a cancer diagnosis is getting much easier.  The New York Times reported that blood tests -- known as "liquid biopsies" -- have now been shown to generally match the results of a tumor biopsy.  The blood tests look for DNA fragments from the tumor that signal its presence.  The liquid biopsies are useful for both detecting the presence of a tumor and its ongoing monitoring. The current generation of tests are not perfect, with as many as 15% of tumors not generating enough DNA to be detected, but they do offer the advantage of not requiring an invasive procedure...

Wiki Inventor Ward Cunningham in Conversation with Tom and HealthCamp Oregon

Tom Munnecke | Tom Munnecke's Eclectica | November 3, 2011

I had the pleasure of taping a conversation with wiki inventor Ward Cunningham at Health Camp Oregon in Portland Oregon Oct 22, 2011. Ward and I had been having Skype video chats, comparing our notes about how his invention of the wiki and my initial architecture for VistA had so many similarities. Ward is an amazing thinker with a wonderful, generous attitude about technology. Read More »

With Ingenuity And A 3D Printer, Group Changes Lives

Andrea Chang | The Sydney Morning Herald | April 29, 2014

Ebeling had read a magazine article a few months earlier about the 16-year-old, whose hands and forearms had been blown off two years ago during an airstrike launched by the Sudanese government. The boy's plight resonated with Ebeling, who tracked down the remote hospital where Daniel had received treatment.

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