Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO)

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3 Reasons Interoperability Prices Will Skyrocket In 2014

Tom Sullivan | Government Health IT | November 6, 2013

[...] As many probably know, New York has a vision of a statewide network. Over the years this vision has changed from one of just policy and oversight to being a free state funded and operated network. I have also heard managers of other state-designated entities for health information exchange (HIE) speak of similar ideals so this isn't just about New York but about government funded solutions and how they drive up costs. [...] Read More »

Analytics: Moving Health Care Forward

Jean DerGurahian | | October 1, 2011

Hospital administrators are leading the use of health care analytics for a range of functions in provider settings. Driving their increased use are a few key clinical and business factors: the desire to meet meaningful use requirements, create quality reports, and better capture revenue, according to the results of's business intelligence survey. Read More »

Central New York Health RHIO Chooses Mirth's HIE Solution

Press Release | Market Wire | June 3, 2013

HealtheConnections, the Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO) for Central New York,  announced that it has successfully completed the migration to a new HIE system powered by Mirth. Read More »

Controversies About Building the IT Network

Joseph Conn | Modern Healthcare | February 8, 2012

A couple of days ago, Brian Ahier, blogger and Oregon-based health IT evangelist, started a ruckus on Google+. The spicy discussion centered on an article in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, "Shifts in the architecture of the Nationwide Health Information Network."

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Experts: National HIE Strategy Evolving

Marla Durben Hirsch | Fierce Health IT | March 6, 2012

There's consensus that the architecture of a nationwide health information network (NwHIN) is shifting. Read More »

HealtheConnections RHIO Migrates eHealth Technologies' Image Exchange On Its Mirth HIE Platform

Press Release | eHealth Technologies, HealtheConnections, Mirth Corporation | June 5, 2013

eHealth Technologies, a leader in streamlining transitions of care including, securely delivering electronic diagnostic images to the users of health information exchange (HIE), and HealtheConnections, the Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO) of Central New York, have gone live with eHealth Connect(R) Image Exchange integrated with their new, Mirth HIE platform. Read More »

HealtheConnections RHIO Transitioning HIE Platform To Mirth Corporation

Press Release | HealtheConnections, Mirth Corporation | February 5, 2013

HealtheConnections, the Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO) supporting the 1.4 million lives in Central New York, today announced that it is partnering with Mirth Corporation to upgrade and expand its capabilities and reach. Read More »

JAMIA: Is Doing Away with RHIOs Good for NwHIN?

Beth Walsh | CMIO | February 5, 2012

An article published in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association on Jan. 21, questioned whether the federal government’s shift away from regional health information organizations (RHIOs) in favor of information exchange is best for the Nationwide Health Information Network (NwHIN).

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NY Startups Make The Case For Funding HIE

Anthony Brino | Government Health IT | February 27, 2014

A group of leaders from 33 digital health companies in New York are calling on the legislature to fund the Statewide Health Information Network of New York, or SHIN-NY, just as the organization’s connecting HIEs and information systems are starting to build a critical mass. Read More »

Rochester RHIO Plots Value Of HIEs And Imaging

Patty Enrado | Government Health IT | October 30, 2012

When the Rochester RHIO was established in 2006 to improve the quality and efficiency of care in the greater Rochester, NY, area, one of the requirements from a local matching grant was to enable diagnostic-image sharing among healthcare providers. Read More »

Why A Grocery Chain Supports Health Data Liquidity

Jane Sarasohn-Kahn | Health Populi | March 18, 2014

The CEO of a family-owned grocery store chain wrote a letter to New York State lawmakers to support $65 million worth of spending on a computer system for health information in the state. That grocer is Danny Wegman, and that project is the Statewide Health Information Network, aka SHIN-NY.

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