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11 Noteworthy Health Care Apps

Vivyan Tran | Nextgov | October 21, 2013

Early Detection Plan: From the National Breast Cancer Foundation, this app reminds you to perform self-exams and schedule mammograms. It also includes information about risk factors, signs and symptoms. Read More »

Mobile Apps Enable Citizen Engagement And Better Services

Amy Burroughs | StateTech | April 8, 2014

Innovative apps and portals help localities transform service delivery.

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Safety Datapalooza Shows Power Of Data.gov Communities

Lisa Nelson | DigitalGov | September 24, 2012

The White House Office of Public Engagement held the first Safety Datapalooza illustrating the power of Data.gov communities.  Federal Chief Technology Officer Todd Park and Deputy Secretary of Transportation John Porcari hosted the event, which touted the data available on Safety.Data.gov and the community of innovators using it to make effective tools for consumers. Read More »

Six Health Gadgets That Could Save Your Life

Rob Waugh | The Telegraph | December 18, 2015

A T-shirt with electrodes woven through its fabric could provide an early-warning system for heart patients – alerting doctors of abnormal heart patterns. The hWear ECG-sensing T-shirt was shown off at the American Telemedicine Association this year – woven with sensors that collect data and upload them to a monitoring device via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. There are other companies which offer similar “smart wearables”, but HealthWatch claims its offers “intensive care-level” monitoring. “Our hWear T-shirt garments measure the highest-quality vital signs all without adhesives, gels or shaving preparations for both men and women. The garments are machine-washable and compatible with most cardiac telemetry systems,” said Uri Amir, CEO of HealthWatch...

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White House Safety Datapalooza Showcases Tools That Make A Difference

John Porcari, Todd Park | Fastlane.gov | September 19, 2012

In May, DOT partnered with the Obama Administration's Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) to launch the Safety Data Initiative. The result, safety.data.gov, is an effort to release freely available government data to build products, services, and apps that advance public safety in creative and powerful ways. Read More »