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VA Rolls Out Mobile App Pilots

Anthony Brino | Government Health IT | July 17, 2013

The Department of Veterans Affairs is testing the viability and potential of mobile health technologies with several pilot projects. Read More »

What Are We Prepared to Do in the United States to Save Primary Care?

I propose two significant changes to help make primary care relevant in the 21st century...I wrote a longer piece on [Virtual Care] earlier in the year. In short, it's a disgrace that we've put so many hurdles on telemedicine, and that it continues to be so underused. It is widely available in health plans, but rarely practiced by physicians nor by patients. Instead, we still mostly go to our doctors offices, to ERs, or perhaps now to drugstores.A televisit should be the first course of action for non-emergencies. We must remove regulatory and reimbursement barriers, and incent patients to take advantage of the speed and convenience of the option. Moreover, as AI options for diagnoses and advice quickly become more viable, we can use them to triage our needs, help assure continuity with physicians, and eventually reduce the need to talk to a human...

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Why Appropriate Use Outweighs Meaningful Use Of EHR Systems

Kyle Murphy | EHR Intelligence | September 24, 2013

For primary care physicians trained and working with paper records for decades, the introduction of health information technology, specifically EHR systems, into the exam represented a departure from traditional practice as well as a potential disaster if not approached appropriately. Read More »

Why One Medicare Pioneer ACO Succeeded In Saving Money

Jessica Zigmond | | July 16, 2013

How did Beth Israel Deaconess Care Organization meet Medicare's cost targets and receive substantial shared savings in the first year of the Medicare Pioneer accountable care organization experiment? Read More »