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Handover System Wins NHS Hack Day

Chris Thorne | EHealth Insider | May 28, 2012

The NHS Hack Day 2012 was won by a group of clinicians and developers who produced an electronic patient task-list for doctors in just 24 hours. Read More »

Open source patient task list wins UK Health service hackathon

Gijs Hillenius | European Commission Joinup | May 30, 2012

Patient List, a software application making it easier for doctors to hand over patients, has won the NHS Hack Day 2012 which took place in London last weekend. The application is made available as open source. Read More »

Patient List to Launch Open Source App

Chris Thorne | EHealth Insider | July 30, 2012

Patient List, the winners of the first NHS Hack Day, are set to release their open source software app next month, arguing that it has the potential to save the NHS £3m per year. Read More »