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Ripple Foundation Launches EtherCIS To The World Of Healthcare

Press Release | Ripple Foundation | July 27, 2017

The world of healthcare can now begin to leverage the power and potential of the EtherCIS Clinical Data Repository. EtherCIS development has been supported by the non profit Ripple Foundation and this leading technology now provides the key foundation of its “showcase stack” and work towards an open platform in healthcare.  EtherCIS development is led by Christian Chevalley of ADOC Software Development and the EtherCIS technology is now the leading open source implementation of the openEHR standard in action (including AQL support). The openEHR standard has been adopted and implemented across healthcare systems throughout the world, representing the future of health IT. Read More »

Presentation on the Catalan Health Care System adoption of openEHR

Event Details
November 29, 2022 (All day)

Catalonia is moving towards a future in which concepts such as patient-centric, data-centric, longitudinal electronic health record, integrated care, open platform, and clinical knowledge management are routine practice. On November 29 representatives of the Catalonian government will be holding a seminar to provide more information on the tender launched to procure a clinical knowledge management platform service according with the openEHR standard.

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