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Ending Poverty: There's an Open Source App for That!

Rural Africa presents changemakers with intractable challenges across sectors, but one American investor, Grameen Foundation, believes it all comes down to access to information. Grameen Foundation has invested millions to develop mobile-phone applications that leapfrog over a lack of electricity, education, and income. Building on their legacy of leading-edge ideas, Grameen Foundation has evolved from funding microfinance to designing disruptive solutions to the kind of poverty that's most challenging to reach, in remote rural areas, and to the poorest of the poor. Since more people have access to cell phones than toilets in Africa, Grameen Foundation brings increased agricultural productivity, access to prenatal and infant healthcare, and a portfolio of financial services, to the poor--right into the palm of their hands.

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Help Translate ODK Into Multiple Languages

Waylon Brunette | OpenDataKit | May 27, 2013

We designed ODK to work all over the world and supporting multiple languages inside each tool has always been an important goal. With the community's help, we've made great progress. For example, ODK Collect has been localized into seventeen languages! Read More »

Is the Future of mHealth Based on SMS and Inexpensive Mobile Phones?

Earlier this month the Finnish mobile phone maker, Nokia, announced that they will be re-releasing an updated version of their legendary 3310 GSM phone. Since it was first released in the early 2000s, the Nokia 3310 has gained a cult following for its incredible durability, long battery life and compact design featuring an internal antenna. Many Europeans and Americans fondly remember the 3310 as their first mobile phone, a device that made meeting up with friends in a crowd easier and a device that provided endless hours of entertainment with the timeless game Snake...

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Lessons from the Use of Open Source and Open Data in Nepal's Earthquake Relief

The power of an open source project like OpenStreetMap during a crisis like Nepal's earthquake is undeniable, and I had the opportunity to see it up close and personal. I worked with the Kathmandu Living Labs team, where I observed thousands of local and international volunteers collaborating to create data and tools. Responding agencies used the team's work to plan and execute their operations. The philosophy of Kathmandu Living Labs is that by collaboratively building upon existing work, we will reach much further and have a far greater impact than working on problems individually and from scratch...

Nafundi, Taskforce, And Grameen Showcase ODK At Google I/O

Yaw Anokwa | Open Data Kit | June 14, 2013

Google I/O is an annual developer conference that showcases the latest from Google's product teams and partners. One of the exciting parts of I/O is the Developer Sandbox, where apps based on technologies and products are shown to attendees. Read More »

ODK Team Releases ODK Tables Alpha

Sam Sudar | Open Data Kit | July 8, 2013

The ODK Team is pleased to announce the alpha release of ODK Tables. Read More »

Report on the Global OpenMRS Community Meeting in Malawi - Towards Evidence Based Health Service Delivery and Interoperability

One hundred seventy five members of the worldwide OpenMRS community–representing 20 countries–met in Malawi this past December for the 2017 OpenMRS Implementers’ Conference. This event was the second consecutive year a national government sponsored this global meetup, with Uganda hosting and sponsoring this meeting the previous year. The December conference was hosted by Malawi’s Ministry of Health and key-noted by ministry officials and leaders such Maganizo Monawe, Senior HIS Technical Advisor; and Anthony Muyepa, Director General at National Commission for Science and Technology.

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Task Force And Nafundi Release Codebook Generator For ODK

Yaw Anokwa | Open Data Kit | June 11, 2013

LINKS is an ODK-based data collection, reporting, and management system created by the The Task Force for Global Health. As part of their work, the LINKS team provides their users with a finalized dataset and a codebook that explains that dataset. Read More »

Young "Dare Devils" Map Their World With ODK And FormHub

Yaw Anokwa | Open Data Kit | June 20, 2013

For the last two years, University of Columbia's modi research group have been working to help a group of children in Kolkata, India use ODK Collect and formhub to map social issues in their community. Read More »