Open Access Week

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Open Access Week 2012 [University of Iowa]

Staff Writer | University of Iowa Libraries | October 22, 2012

The University of Iowa Libraries joins thousands of other academic research libraries worldwide in celebration of International Open Access Week. To draw attention to this important issue facing faculty, students and librarians, we’re turning our website orange in recognition of open access. Read More »

Open Access Week 2013 Starts Today

George Williams | The Chronicle of Higher Education | October 21, 2013

Here at ProfHacker we’ve published many posts about open access, “the free, immediate, online access to the results of scholarly research, and the right to use and re-use those results as you need.” Read More »

Open Access Week 2013: A Recap Of This Year’s Global Celebration

Abby Clobridge | Information Today | October 31, 2013

This year’s Open Access Week, a global event that just finished its sixth year, was held Oct. 21–27, 2013. Celebrations of various types were sponsored by libraries, students, researchers, publishers, and nonprofit organizations to increase awareness about open access (OA). [...] Read More »

Open Access Week 2013: The Time For Reform Is Now

Adi Kamdar | Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) | October 21, 2013

Today kicks off the sixth annual global Open Access Week. Open Access Week is at once a celebration and a call to action. Universities, libraries, organizations, and companies are hosting events all around the world to promote the ideals of open access: free, online availability of and unfettered access to scholarly works. Read More »

Open Access Week At Harvard, October 22 - 28, 2012: Celebrating Open Access Worldwide

Staff Writer | Harvard | October 16, 2012

Today marks the beginning of Open Access Week, a six-day celebration and reflection on the global movement to promote “the free, immediate, online access to the results of scholarly research, and the right to use and re-use those results as you need.” Read More »

Open Access Week Preview

Abby Clobridge | Information Today | October 15, 2012

Organizations around the world are gearing up to celebrate Open Access Week, officially held Oct. 22–28, 2012. For most institutions, Open Access Week is a way to increase the visibility of open access among scientists, researchers, librarians, university faculty members, and students. Read More »

Open Access Week Promotes Free Use Of Scholarly Research [Oklahoma University]

Arianna Pickard | The Oklahoma Daily | October 22, 2012

For the first time ever OU Libraries are participating in Open Access Week this week to promote the free use of information for scholarly research. Read More »

Open Access Week Showcases Research [Tufts University]

Stephanie Haven | The Tufts Daily | October 24, 2012

Associate Provost Mary Lee is hosting Tufts’ fourth annual Open Access Week from Oct. 22 through Oct. 28. Part of an international program to expand education and research audiences, the initiative at Tufts is an opportunity for professors to showcase the work they will publish in open access journals, or publications that anyone can access for free. Read More »

Open Access Week Will Feature Keynote Speech At Hamilton Library [University of Hawaiʻi]

Teri Skillman | University of Hawai‘i System | October 12, 2012

Lorraine Haricombe, Dean of Libraries at Kansas University, will give the keynote address for Open Access Week on Monday, October 22, 2012, from 11:30 a.m to 1 p.m. in the Hamilton Library Alcove.  The topic of her talk will be, "Open Access: An Evolving Alternative or a Maturing Threat?” Read More »

Open Access: Delivering On Its Potential

Jane Alfred | PLOS | October 24, 2012

This week, October 22-28, marks Open Access Week, a global event that brings various parties together to discuss, publicize and advocate for open access. On October 23, leading open access journal PLOS Biology publishes an editorial that aims to direct this year’s discussion towards the need to focus on the re-usability of, and not just access to, the research literature. Read More »

Open Access: Six Myths To Put To Rest

Peter Suber | The Guardian | October 21, 2013

Open access to academic research has never been a hotter topic. But it's still held back by myths and misunderstandings repeated by people who should know better. The good news is that open access has been successful enough to attract comment from beyond its circle of pioneers and experts. The bad news is that a disappointing number of policy-makers, journalists and academics opine in public without doing their homework. Read More »

Open Scholarship On The Rise

Andrew Rusk | The Varsity | October 26, 2009

The open source approach has permeated even the dusty corners of academia. Open scholarship is a growing movement to make academic research publicly accessible, instead of tucked away in journals that are only available by subscription. Read More »

Open Source Malaria Project Head Wins Accelerating Science Award

Belinda Smith | The Conversation | October 22, 2013

Dr Matthew Todd – leader of the Open Source Malaria consortium in Sydney, senior lecturer at the University of Sydney and Conversation author – was awarded one of three Accelerating Science Awards in Washington DC yesterday. Read More »

Purdue e-Pubs Reaches Milestone With 3 Million Downloads From Across Globe

Staff Writer | Purdue University | October 23, 2012

When Purdue civil engineering emeritus professor Sidney Diamond published his work on "Methods of Soil Stablilization for Erosion Control" in 1975, he expected it to primarily be read in Indiana. After all, assisting the state to improve its transportation infrastructure was and still is the primary goal of the Joint Transportation Research Program, which published Diamond's work. Read More »

Reasons To Go For Open Access: Perspectives From A Clinician And A Librarian

Pascal Meier | BioMed Central | October 23, 2012

In recognition of Open Access week, Dr Pascal Meier an interventional cardiologist from University College London and Yale Medical School, and Whitney Townsend, the coordinator of the Health Sciences Executive Research Services at University of Michigan, provide their views on the benefits of open access publishing. Read More »