National Programme for IT (NPfIT)

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EHI CCIO: Sources Of My Malcontent

Carl Reynalds | eHealth Insider | December 20, 2011

A key aim of the EHI CCIO Campaign is to help develop the next generation of clinical information leaders. To provide a junior doctor’s perspective, Carl Reynolds a self-professed technology enthusiast on a Future Medical Leaders Fellowship, starts a new column by discussing the sources of his malcontent with hospital IT. Read More »

EHI Interview: Tony Shannon

Staff Writer | eHealth Insider | October 19, 2011

Open source software may not be cheaper or easier, but it’s a whole lot more collaborative says one of the participants in the skunkworks at EHI Live 2011. Read More »

EHI Live Interview: Dr Mark Davies

Rebecca Todd | eHealth Insider | August 16, 2012

The executive medical director of the Health and Social Care Information Centre sat down with reporter Rebecca Todd to discuss the power of information in the new NHS landscape. Read More »

Leeds And ReStart Build Open Portal

Lun Whitfield | eHealth Insider | April 21, 2011

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust is working with consultancy ReStart to develop an open source portal to give clinicians a single view of data held in its PAS and departmental systems. Read More »

NHS IT To Embrace Open Source

Jennifer Scott | | July 2, 2013

Open source licensing agreements will be a key feature of the new approach to NHS IT, according to a report published today...

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NHS Shifts From Ill-Fated Spine To Spine 2 [United Kingdom]

Sooraj Shah | Computing | August 27, 2014

The NHS Spine has been moved onto a new infrastructure by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) in an IT operation completed over the weekend.  The Spine is a part of the national infrastructure that stores patient information and enables electronic messaging, it was part of the ill-fated NHS National Programme for IT (NPfIT)...

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Small Is Beautiful

Daloni Carlisle | eHealth Insider | November 8, 2012

The view from the top at EHI Live 2012 was clear and consistent: without IT the NHS cannot deliver the savings, efficiencies and quality gains demanded of it. Read More »

What are the options for electronic patient records in the NHS after NPfIT?

SA Mathisson | Computer Weekly | January 1, 2015

It is a common assumption that the NHS can’t do IT. This is untrue: most GP surgeries are computerised, the health services of the UK’s constituent nations have decent technology infrastructure including secure networks and email, and many hospitals departments have good specialist IT. What is true is that many hospitals lack comprehensive electronic patient record (EPR) systems. Read More »