Open Learning Through Open Source Development

Staff Writer | FutureGov | October 2, 2012

Singapore Polytechnic (SP) has included open source software development into its curriculum, partnering with Red Hat to provide scholarships, internships, certification, and competitions to its Diploma students. Ng Weng Lam, Director, School of electrical and Electronic Engineering, Singapore Polytechnic explains how open source education benefits students.

Singapore Polytechnic (SP) offers 80 diploma and post-diploma courses to prepare students for university and work, and has more than 17,000 students enrolled. The School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (SEEE) is the largest school within SP with a total student population of more than 3,500.

The SEEE recognizes the relevance of incorporating open source software development into the curriculum.“To understand why we put open source into our curriculum, you have to understand the mission of SP, which is to educate and train our students to excel in work and life,” explains Ng. “One of our visions is to become one of the leading institutions—one that prepares our students to be life-ready, work-ready and world-ready.”...