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3 Big Lessons From The Top Techies Rebooting The Government

Elizabeth Segran | Fast Company | November 10, 2015

"We usually think of instigators as people who causes trouble," Patil says. And in some ways, this is exactly what the band of tech outsiders rebooting the government is doing. They've boldly entered the world's largest bureaucracy with the goal of shaking things up, making services run more efficiently for the American people and introducing fresh new ways of doing things. In many ways, their work threatens the status quo. But Patil believes that instigators have a valuable role to play...

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4 Ways to Shake Up the Clinical Trial Process and Cut Costs

Stephanie Baum | MedCity News | February 1, 2012

A drug developer wants to shake up the clinical trial process through crowdsourcing as well as using telemedicine and greater data transparency. It believes implementing these together can cut the cost of doing clinical trials by 50 percent in the next two years.

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Development of open source mobile apps continue to double

Ted Samson | InfoWorld | May 16, 2012

"For the third year in a row, mobile open source software projects have more than doubled in number, with the current count at around 18,000, up from around 8,000 in 2010. The rise of mobile computing in the enterprise, coupled with the Android's rapid adoption worldwide, contributes to the trend as developers race to be the first to market with mobile innovations." Read More »

DOD Apps Aim to Assist Injured Soldiers

David Stegon | FedScoop | January 3, 2012

The Department of Defense highlights mobile apps available to wounded soldiers recovering from military injuries.

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Federal Chief Technology Officer Aneesh Chopra to Step Down

Aliya Sternstein | NextGov | January 27, 2012

The first-ever U.S. chief technology officer, Aneesh Chopra, is leaving the government in early February, White House officials announced Friday. "As the federal government's first chief technology officer, Aneesh Chopra did groundbreaking work to bring our government into the 21st century," President Obama said in a statement. Read More »

Girls Code in India to Tackle Challenges of Slum Living

Rina Chandran | Reuters | May 27, 2016

Adolescent girls in the Mumbai slum of Dharavi are battling the daily challenges they face, one mobile app at a time. Tutored on laptops donated by friends of Nawneet Ranjan, a filmmaker who set up a charity in Dharavi, the girls are embracing technology to confront issues ranging from their safety to garbage in the sprawling slum in India's biggest city. "Girls and women suffer the most in a slum, as they often have no resources and are not aware of their rights," said Ranjan, who studied filmmaking in the United States before returning to Mumbai...

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Government Presses for Blue Button Mobile App

Garrett Bonistalli | Journal of AHIMA | June 12, 2012

The Obama administration has issued a presidential directive mandating that each federal agency make at least two government services available to the public via mobile applications within a year.

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Health IT Czar: Five Things You Need to Know

John Pulley | NextGov | January 27, 2012

The nation's health IT czar polished off his crystal ball this week and predicted five major health IT trends for the year. Dr. Farzad Mostashari, national coordinator for health IT, shared the prognostications on his office's Health IT Buzz blog: Read More »

Mobile Apps Enable Citizen Engagement And Better Services

Amy Burroughs | StateTech | April 8, 2014

Innovative apps and portals help localities transform service delivery.

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New Innovation Challenge Will Help People with Disabilities Access Their Health Records

Wil Yu | Health IT Buzz | February 7, 2012

We are extremely excited to announce the launch of a new Investing in Innovations mobile app challenge, the “EHR Accessibility Module Challenge.”

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The App Doctor

Rohit Singal and Greg Zeschuk | The Times of India | September 14, 2011

"During my MD course, my institute was looking for a picture archival & communication software. Big companies were quoting more than $1 million for such software.  I was able to build the same solution, using open source software for the university and they paid about $100,000 in installments to me.

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