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Evaluation Of The Lovell Federal Health Care Center Merger: Findings, Conclusions, And Recommendations

Press Release | Institute of Medicine | October 16, 2012

This report finds that initial implementation of the Lovell FHCC has provided important lessons about how to integrate VA and DoD health care services and has identified remaining obstacles that the departments could overcome to make such mergers more effective and less costly to implement. The IOM recommends that the VA and the DoD develop a comprehensive evaluation plan to objectively judge its success or failure, with measurable criteria, that would provide essential knowledge for both the Lovell FHCC and future endeavors.

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Female Vets Feeling Better About VA Care

Chuck Liddy | Stars and Stripes | June 10, 2012

At the opening of a new women’s clinic in the Durham VA Medical Center in 1995, hospital officials planted a Leyland cypress sapling not 5 feet tall. It marked both the outside door to the clinic, where female veterans could enter the building without threading through waiting areas full of men, and, symbolically, a new era in the way the government planned to care for women who had served in its armed forces.

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Fighting A War Against An Invisible Enemy, Soldiers Battle PTSD

Julie Gerstein | The Frisky | August 24, 2012

Desperation, depression — and an overwhelming feeling of desertion — are the dangerous components that have contributed to the rising tide of suicide and mental health problems in the military. Just this week it was announced that for the sixth year in a row, suicide among members of the armed forces is on the rise... Read More »

French Homeland Intelligence Threatens A Volunteer Sysop To Delete A Wikipedia Article

Press Release | Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, Wikimédia France | April 6, 2013

In early March, the DCRI (Direction Centrale du Renseignement Intérieur) contacted the Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit organization which hosts Wikipedia. They claimed that an article on the French-language Wikipedia about a French military compound contained classified military information, and demanded its immediate deletion. Read More »

French Intelligence Agency Sees Firsthand The Streisand Effect

David Perera | FierceGovernmentIT | April 8, 2013

The French government is learning firsthand about the Streisand Effect after Wikimedia France issued April 6 a press release stating that a domestic intelligence agency threatened a volunteer with arrest unless he deleted an entry about a military communications base near Lyons. Read More »

Fuel Cells Are Ready For US Military Use, And Might Be In Your Home In A Year

Rachel Feltman | Quartz | August 22, 2013

Fuel cells could break into mainstream use very soon, and that means big cuts in energy consumption. The US navy is reportedly ready to deploy generators powered by fuel cells. Meanwhile, a startup in Maryland claims it can offer a cheaper, longer lasting fuel cell than any on the market by next year. Read More »

Hey, Funding For A Program That Actually Helps Wounded Warriors Is Running Out!

Kenneth E. Blackman | Foreign Policy | September 4, 2012

The Defense Department, the veterans administration, and the Obama administration are missing an enormous opportunity to help wounded warriors, indeed every serviceman and woman returning from battle overseas. Read More »

House Veterans' Affairs Subcommittee On Economic Opportunity Hearing

Press Release | Middle East North Africa Financial Network (MENAFN) | June 27, 2013

H.R.331, direct the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to permit the centralized reporting of veteran enrollment by certain groups, districts, and consortiums of educational institutions; H.R.821, to amend the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act to provide surviving spouses with certain protections [...]. Read More »

Injured Ex-Soldiers Often Unfairly Denied Benefits, AG Finds [Canada]

Staff Writer | CBC News | October 23, 2012

The Harper government's oft-repeated slogan of supporting the troops took several hits in the latest auditor general's report, which found injured ex-soldiers don't always get their entitled services and benefits. Read More »

Integrated VA-DoD Health Record at Least Five Years Away

Tom Philpott | | July 27, 2012

House committees on armed services and veterans affairs held a joint hearing Wednesday to review details of President Obama’s plan to improve the Transition Assistance Program (TAP) for separating and retiring military members, with a kind of five-to-seven-day “reverse boot camp” available by late 2013 to smooth transition to civilian life and employment... Read More »

Is This The Best Humanity Can Do For The Philippines?

Conor Friedersdorf | The Atlantic | November 11, 2013

Now that a storm, perhaps the most powerful in recorded history, has struck the Philippines, with winds gusting to 170 mph, a storm surge exceeding 20 feet, and an estimated 10,000 people dead; now that bodies are piling up in such quantities that local officials are digging mass graves [...]; now the world is rushing to send help... Read More »

Lawmakers Vote to Create VA Burn Pit Registry

Rick Maze | Air Force Times | June 29, 2012

Over objections from the Veterans Affairs Department, a House panel voted Friday to create a registry of people exposed to toxic fumes and chemicals from open burn pits while deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. Read More »

Lost To History: Missing War Records Complicate Benefit Claims By Iraq, Afghanistan Veterans

Peter Sleeth and Hal Bernton | ProPublica | November 9, 2012

The loss of field records — after-action write-ups, intelligence reports and other day-to-day accounts from the war zones — has far-reaching implications. It has complicated efforts by soldiers like DeLara to claim benefits. And it makes it harder for military strategists to learn the lessons from Iraq and Afghanistan, two of the nation's most protracted wars.

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Medical Intelligence Center Monitors Health Threats

Cheryl Pellerin | U.S. Department of Defense | October 10, 2012

From a windowless building behind barriers and fences here, scientists, physicians and other experts monitor a range of intelligence and open-source channels for threats to the health of U.S. forces and the homeland. Read More »

Military Suicides Are Up, Despite 900 Prevention Programs

Bob Brewin | Nextgov | March 21, 2013

The Defense Department runs 900 suicide prevention programs, yet the number of military suicides has more than doubled since 2001, the head of the Pentagon’s suicide prevention office told lawmakers Thursday. Read More »