Lonnie Rae Kurlander

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Medal, Inc.

Medal installs in seconds and can aggregate data from existing medical records systems and repositories, providing a ‘Google-like’ search that recognizes clinical synonyms and medical terminology from a variety of data formats, creating opportunities to improve health care, save money, and assist research. Medal is uniquely positioned to play a major role in helping realize the goal of interoperability and can integrate with and standardize a variety of pre-existing formats through FHIR.

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New Technology Makes EMRs Easier, Searchable, More Secure

Press Release | Medal, Inc., HIMSS17 | February 21, 2017

According the the Office of the National Coordinator, roughly 30% of providers have no Health Information Exchange outside of faxing. Medal’s innovative technology “meets providers where they are." Medal makes it easy to share data with its product “print to FHIR." Medal software replaces existing fax-based workflows and streamlines health information sharing, creating opportunities to improve health care, reduce effort, and assist research. Medal also connects to existing health information systems such as EMRs and HIEs using FHIR -- “Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources” -- a quickly emerging standard for health information sharing.

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