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Makerbot Clone Tests The Limits of Open Source Hardware

Michael Weinberg | Public Knowledge | September 11, 2012

Most people who know of Makerbot know them as a one of the leaders in the home 3D printing market.  Fewer people realize that they are also one of the highest profile examples of another movement: open source hardware. Read More »

Redesigning Healthcare: Guest Post by Kirt Hine

Kirt Hine | The Value of Openness | August 17, 2012

Today’s guest post is written by Kirt Hine, who was a research intern at PatientsLikeMe in June and July.  On his last day, Kirt gave a presentation to the entire company about his experience at the 2012 Healthcare Experience Design Conference, held in Boston last March.  It made such an impression that we asked him to share his takeaways on the blog. Read More »