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Fate Of Veterans' Clinics In Limbo As Budget Cutting Looms

Staff Writer | The Associated Press | March 3, 2013

A veterans' health clinic in Brick, N.J., is in such disrepair that when the snow gets heavy, patients have to go elsewhere for fear the roof might collapse. Another in San Antonio has extensive mildew and mold problems that could prove a health hazard for employees and patients in the coming years. Read More »

For Homeless Veterans, a REACHable Goal

Jonah Czerwinski and Peter Levin | VAntage Point | June 5, 2012

In March, the VA Innovation Initiative (VAi2) launched Project REACH with Jon Bon Jovi and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to put information about local homelessness resources into the hands of people who can help others in need.  We’re excited to announce the finalists today.

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OpenEMR Vendor Launches Digital Solution to help Healthcare Providers Meet Pandemic Challenges

Press Release | Health Tech, Inc. | May 13, 2020

Handling an influx of sick patients can be challenging at any time, but today with the Coronavirus pandemic, it becomes even more crucial to have procedures in place to manage crowded areas and maintain social distancing. To meet the increasing demands of technology for Health Clinics, Urgent Care and Private Practice, HealthTech has launched new solutions that streamline e-Prescribing and Patient Scheduling, increasing the efficiency of the way patients and healthcare providers connect.

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