Health Care Cost Institute (HCCI)

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HCCI Releases Latest 'Health Care Cost & Utilization Report'

The 2012 Health Care Cost and Utilization Report is the third report of the Health Care Cost Institute (HCCI). The report, just released in September 2013, summarizes national health care spending trends among individuals younger than age 65 who were covered by employer-sponsored health insurance. This  report tracks spending from 2009 to 2012 and highlights the slowdown of health care costs in the U.S. observed over the past several years. Read More »

Opening The ‘Black Box’ Of Health Care Data

Kavita Patel and Domitilla Masi | Brookings | December 4, 2014

Recent efforts by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) provide clinicians, health plans and consumers with ready access to health data that was never before possible. In fact, CMS released millions and millions of lines of data that reveal important information regarding physician payments, prescribing patterns and geographic distribution of health care costs...

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