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Health IT proves critical in natural disasters

Larry McClain | Government Health IT | October 3, 2011

Some of the most devastating tornadoes and floods in U.S. history have occurred in just the last two years. IT professionals who survived the storms say their technology held up well. They felt lucky to have paperless systems in place.

They recounted their experiences during a panel discussion at the HIMSS Summit of the Southeast Sept. 29 in Nashville, Tenn. Read More »

SafetyData.gov Review: Long On Text, Short On Data Tables

Brand Niemann | AOL Government | September 26, 2012

"The liberation of government datasets is important in itself, but data are truly powerful when used in the development of informative apps." So proclaimed Todd Park, Brian Forde and Jo Strang in a recent White House Blog, Safety Data Jam connects Tech Innovators with Public Safety Officers. Read More »