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Extremadura Abandons Its Custom Linux Distribution

Unknown User | The H Open | January 3, 2012

The autonomous region of Extremadura in western Spain, which has pioneered the use of open source solutions in public administrations since 2005, has abandoned the development of its custom LinEx distribution. Read More »

Extremadura Health Care Has Switched To Open Source [Spain]

Gijs Hillenius | JoinUp | June 10, 2014

The desktop computer systems of government healthcare organisations in the Spanish region of Extremadura all rely on free and open source software solutions. Over the past year, close to 10,000 computer workstations in public health care organisations have migrated to a customised version of the Debian GNU/Linux distribution...

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Extremadura, Canary Islands Pilot eHealth Card

The governments of Extremadura and the Canary Islands, two of Spain’s autonomous regions, are testing the interoperability of an eHealth card, to be used for prescriptions and in pharmacies in both regions. The administrations of the two regions presented the eHealth card on 16 February, at an eHealth conference in Madrid. During the pilot-phase, Extremadura will dispense prescriptions to a fictional patient, to test if the medicines can be picked up at pharmacies on the Canary Islands. Read More »

France Votes to Expand Open Source Use

Jon Gold | Network World | October 21, 2015

French voters voiced strong support for a proposal that will see the country’s government expand the role of free and open-source software in a national referendum on technology called the Digital Republic bill. More than 147,000 people voted on the Digital Republic bill’s 662 accepted proposals, and two open-source measures were the second- and third-biggest vote getters.

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One Decade on, gvSIG Offers Powerful Open Source GIS Tools

Ten years after gvSIG’s start by the government of Valencia (Spain), the open source geographic information system (GIS) offers a broad range of GIS solutions. The software tools are used in sectors such as town planning, public transport, health care and environment management. “Software has become of strategic importance. All the more reason that we need to be free to use this technology however we want”, says Álvaro Anguix, general manager of the gvSIG association. “Freedom is central to gvSIG, right from the start.”

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Spain switches 40,000 PCs to Linux and Open Source software

Lawrence Latif | The Inquirer | April 30, 2013

The Spanish Region of Extremadura has announced that it will switch 40,000 government PCs to open source software. Read More »

Spanish Region Saves A Fortune By Moving To Open Source

Nick Farrell | TechEye.net | April 30, 2013

In a victory for the free software movement, the Spanish autonomous region of Extremadura has started to switch more than 40,000 government PCs to open source. Read More »