emergency response (ER)

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Humetrix Launches ICEBlueButton "In Case Of Emergency" App

Press Release | Humetrix, Blue Button | November 12, 2013

Anyone with a smartphone can now ensure that emergency responders can see their health history, and loved ones get notified if they are in an accident. Humetrix, a leading provider of consumer healthcare apps, today introduced ICEBlueButton, an “In Case of Emergency” (ICE) app, available for iOS and Android devices, that ensures that EMTs, ER doctors, or even good Samaritans can immediately access patients’ health history and contact information in an emergency situation. Read More »

Humetrix’s ICEBlueButton Wins The Public Vote For Best App And Second Place Award Overall In The Blue Button Co-Design Challenge

Press Release | Humetrix | September 17, 2013

Humetrix, a provider of consumer-centric mobile healthcare applications, and the developer of the multi-award-winning iBlueButton app, today announced that its ICEBlueButton (In Case of Emergency) app has been recognized as the second place winner in the Blue Button Co-Design Challenge. [...] Read More »