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Cancer Maps Show The Power And Limits Of Data For Public Policy

Joseph Marks | | May 7, 2014

...Linda Pickle has spent decades using maps and other spatial analyses to gather insights from cancer data. She likely had the first copy of Geographic Information System software at the National Institutes of Health, NCI’s parent agency, she told Nextgov recently, and she’s watched as visualization data went from “little better than crayons” to Google Maps applications that nearly anyone can use...

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For Medicare, Immigrants Offer Surplus, Study Finds

Sabrina Tavernise | New York Times | May 29, 2013

Immigrants have contributed billions of dollars more to Medicare in recent years than the program has paid out on their behalf, according to a new study, a pattern that goes against the notion that immigrants are a drain on federal health care spending. Read More »

Millennials Overwhelmingly Avoiding Obamacare

Patrick Christopher | BHM Healthcare Solutions | February 3, 2014

To date, less than 25 percent of all Obamacare enrollees are between the ages of 18 and 34. Why does this matter? To be financially viable, the still-faltering national healthcare plan needs America’s youth to start paying up. Now. If this doesn’t happen, the consequences for Obamacare could be dire. Read More »

New State Data On Obamacare Enrollment Trends Show How Scheme Is Failing

Scott Gottlieb | Forbes | December 20, 2013

The White House obfuscates when it comes to Obamacare enrollment results. But some of the individual states that have established their own on-line exchanges (and sidestepped have been forthcoming... Read More »

What Does The Consumer Data Industry Know About You?

Rebecca J. Rosen | Atlantic | March 7, 2013

Ever been bankrupt? Expecting a child? A whole lot of information about who you are -- and what kind of consumer you are -- is for sale. Read More »