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Electronic Health Record (EHR) Infographic by HealthIT.Gov

View the latest Infographic on the history of Electronic Health Records (EHR) and how they may improve your health and health care in the future just posted by HealthIT.Gov. Read More »

Open Access (OA) Research Publications reach the 'Tipping Point'

Science-Metrix just completed three reports on the availability of 'Open Access' scientific literature and data for the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Research and Innovation. The study looked at European Union (EU) countries, as well as Brazil, Canada, U.S., and Japan. The studies are revevent to both the EU and the U.S. Read More »

Open Source: Just the facts, ma'am.

There are a lot of opinion pieces and blogs about the open source, open access, and open data marketplace, which is great – but most managers want to simply know what the facts are. Looking back over the past year, a number of surveys and reports have been issued by various organizations providing hard data about the growing 'open' movement. For example: Read More »