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SMS to Map – Using FrontlineSMS and Ushahidi to Tell Your Story

Patrick Munyi | iHub | February 11, 2012

Want to know more about using mobiles for social change, crowd sourced mapping, and how the two can combine? Keen to learn more about FrontlineSMS and Ushahidi, and how these software tools can be used together to enable positive social change?

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Social Media's Role In The Evolution Of FrontlineSMS

Ken Banks | PBS | September 26, 2012

It's Social Media Week this week, and in recognition of this and our seventh anniversary next month, we'd like to reflect on the role that social media has played in the history and development of FrontlineSMS. Read More »

Social networks are not communities, and other discussions from the Community Leadership Summit

Andy Oram | O'Reilly Radar | July 16, 2012

[At the Community Leadership Summit this past weekend]... I realized that I appreciate social networks but feel much more passionate about communities, and spontaneously called for a session to talk about the differences. This article describes our discussion and summarizes the insights I got this year from the summit. Read More »

SunGard Makes Its Business Process Management Suite Available For Open Source Via The Eclipse Foundation

Press Release | Eclipse Foundation, Infinity, SunGard | October 23, 2012

SunGard’s Infinity Process Platform is now available from the Eclipse Stardust project, an open source business process management (BPM) suite designed to help improve the infrastructure behind many of the finance industry’s key operations. Read More »

The 2013 OpenStreetMap (OSM) Report - Over 1 Million Contributors!

Glenn Letham | | June 7, 2013

Just in time for the 2013 SOTMUS event taking place June 8-9 in San Fran, The 2013 OpenStreetMap Data Report - some stunning and interactive data visualizations that show how active the OpenStreetMap community is, how fast it continues to grow, and how competitive the open data community is becoming. Read More »

The Coming KDE

Bruce Byfield | Linux Magazine | November 6, 2012

Aaron Seigo discusses KDE’s new approach to managing change and the changes coming up in the next few years. Read More »

The Future Of Our Open Source World

John Hagel and John Seely Brown | CNN | October 26, 2012

Open source shouldn't just stop at the world of software. In fact, more and more manufacturers are warming up to the cause. Read More »

The Maker Movement Helps Transform Our Public Libraries

The small town of Bethlehem, New York purchased a 3D printer and started teaching classes at its public library recently—jumpstarting the community's knowledge of advanced manufacturing and building upon a new way of doing things in a world where physical bookstores are dissappearing. It's true. Public libraries are reinventing themselves. Today they are becoming less of a place that hosts physical books and more of a center where people collaborate, commune, and learn new things...

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The Open Hardware Summit: The Future of Manufacturing Is Sharing

Ruth Suehle | Wired | October 3, 2012

The Open Hardware Summit was held for the third time last Thursday in New York in advance of World Maker Faire in nearby Queens. This is the first year that it was held by the relatively new Open Source Hardware Association, which is now accepting members. Read More »

Tragedy In Kenya

Paul Biondich | OpenMRS | September 23, 2013

Many of you are already aware that over this past weekend in Kenya, gunmen attacked a shopping center in Nairobi, taking hostages, killing many people, and wounding many more. The many images and stories that have come through the news outlets sadden us all within the OpenMRS community. [...] Read More »

Twisted Pleasures Of Open Source 'Sprint' Worth My Weekend

Danny O'Brien | The Irish Times | August 23, 2012

In the case of Twisted, it also drives some of the tools underlying commercial and government institutions like Lucasfilm, Nasa, TweetDeck, and Canonical.

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Uchaguzi – Community Next Steps

Heather Leson | Ushahidi | January 21, 2013

The Kenyan 2013 Elections are just over a month away. If this past weekend’s political nominations are any indication, there will be a rise of people’s voices and stories to share. You may be asking: how can I contribute? From researchers to developers to online strategists to translators and sense-makers, we aim to connect and build Uchaguzi together. Read More »

UK Cabinet Office Relaunches, Releases Open Data White Paper

Alex Howard | O'Reilly Radar | June 29, 2012

The British government is doubling down on the notion that open data can be a catalyst for increased government transparency, civic utility and economic prosperity. Read More »

Ushahidi Announces Changes to Board of Directors

Juliana Rotich | Ushahidi | August 22, 2012

Ushahidi today announced that its board of directors has appointed three new members, effective September 19th. The new directors are Clay Shirky, David Kobia and Erik Hersman. Read More »

Ushahidi Community Hours @ Crowdmap

Heather Leson | Ushahidi | February 4, 2013

You requested it, we’re making it happen. You asked for Community Hours to meet each other and learn while we all build expertise... Read More »