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Doctors Call Out 90 More Unnecessary Medical Tests, Procedures

Bruce Japsen | Forbes | February 21, 2014

Doctors, often criticized for ordering up unneeded tests and procedures that harm quality and add to the nation’s tab for medical care, are calling into question scores of tests and medical procedures, “highlighting potentially unnecessary – sometimes harmful – care provided in the U.S.,”  a group working with 25 medical societies said. Read More »

National Quality Forum advocates for big data quality frameworks

Katie Dvorak | FierceHealthIT | July 16, 2015

As the healthcare industry pulls in buckets of information from electronic health records, wearables and health apps, "more data, more problems" is becoming a new refrain. That's where the National Quality Forum and Peterson Center on Healthcare step in--trying to make the case for use of big data while advocating for meaningful quality frameworks for the information, according to an article at HealthITAnalytics.

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Open Payments Website Opens Tuesday; Database Spotlights Physician Payments

Jaimy Lee | Crain's Detroit Business | September 29, 2014

Dr. Uzma Samadani, a New York City neurosurgeon, publicly discloses that she receives 6 percent of her revenue from research funding and has equity in a startup medical technology firm she founded.  Samadani and about 300 other doctors and clinicians are members of “Who's My Doctor?,” a new national group that encourages physicians to not only disclose to patients their financial relationships with medical manufacturers, but also report other details about their professional finances, such as whether they receive fee-for-service payments that could motivate them to perform more services...

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