Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)

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West Nile Virus Spreads Faster

Elizabeth Weise | USA Today | August 14, 2012

West Nile virus is spreading faster than it has in years, and the pace of the mosquito-borne disease is getting worse, health officials report. Read More »

WHO Global Health Observatory & Other 'Open Data' Resources

Interested in learning more about 'open data' healthcare resources  around the globe? Check out the World Health Organization's (WHO) Global Health Observatory.  This WHO information portal provides access to 'open' data, statistical analyses, and reports for monitoring the global health situation. Read More »

Why EMR Is a Dirty Word to Many Doctors

Adam Sharp, M.D. | Kevin MD | February 7, 2012

The goal of EMRs is to wrestle control of healthcare away from the doctor-patient relationship into the hands of third parties who can then implement their policies by simply removing a button or an option in the EMR. If you can’t select a particular treatment option, for all intents and purposes the option doesn’t exist or the red tape to choose it is so painful that there is little incentive to “fight the system.”

Read More »

Why The CDC Wants To Modernize Its Pathogen, Sequencing Informatics

Anthony Brino | Government Health IT | April 19, 2013

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is requesting $40 million in its fiscal year 2014 budget to build advanced molecular detection and informatics systems for tracking infectious disease outbreaks. Read More »