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Growing Support For Spain Ministry Process Tool Made Open Source

Gijs Hillenius | European Commission (EC) | June 7, 2013

A rapidly rising number of software service providers is willing to offer support for the implementation or integration of Al Sigm, a system to manage complex procedures, that is developed by Spain's ministry of Industry, Tourism and Energy. Read More »

Involving government in 'open source' is hard but profitable

Gijs Hillenius | EU Joinup | September 30, 2013

Getting public administrations involved in communities of developers of free and open source solutions "is not easy", says Cenatic, the Spanish government's resource centre on open source. Read More »

Spain's Cenatic to Focus on Open Source Reuse and Certification

In 2015, Cenatic, the open source software resource centre of the Spanish government, will campaign to get enterprises to implement, share and re-use open source solutions. The centre wants to help companies select the right free software solutions. It will also promote sharing and re-use, and reinforce the network of free software service providers. Read More »