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BioImageXD: A One-Stop Shop for All Image Post-Processing Needs

Latika Bhonsle | Lab Times | July 24, 2012

Most of us have sat for hours and hours in a dark and cold room, taking pictures of stained cells or tissue sections. But analysing and quantifying all those colourful images with customary software programmes can have its flaws. Therefore, Pasi Kankaanpää from the University of Turku, Finland and colleagues came up with a new “high-throughput image processing platform” and published it in Nature Methods. Read More »

Researchers develop new method for analysing cell function

Press Release | Academy of Finland | June 26, 2012

Researchers in Finland and Germany have developed an open-source software that will make it significantly easier to process bioimaging data. The software, named BioImageXD, will help in analysing cell and tissue functions.

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