Best infrastructure for your business performance

… and ours too! apifocal operates a number of services in the cloud for infrastructure, healthcare, and financial applications. Because governance and security are important to us, we built the SilkMQ messaging fabric. SilkMQ can be deployed as an on-premise appliance, in the cloud or mixed. Our SilkMQ service already operates in multiple data centers on two continents.

Operations at scale require constant monitoring and propagation of changes from development through QA all the way to production. It needs to be timely and trusted. We strongly believe that code that is not in operating in production is not an asset, but a liability, similar to a ship being at the docks instead of carrying goods across the oceans. Using a cattle vs pets approach, our BlueHeeler Continuous Delivery service reduces the time to production down to minutes.

Secure, scalable message fabric for the private, public or hybrid cloud!

Operating many services at scale requires a good messaging infrastructure. In addition to synchronous messaging based on the ubiquitous REST style, we saw a dire need for asynchronous messaging infrastructures.

We built SilkMQ as a highly available and secure, scalable messaging fabric. Based on Apache ActiveMQ, the leading open source JMS broker, SilkMQ adds a number of additional plugins and services for added security and additional features like multi-tenancy and cluster management.

SilkMQ is built to scale out so that you could use the same messaging infrastructure for all your messaging applications without the risk of interference. The SilkMQ dashboards provide insight into your applications’ traffic.

Best of all, it works with your existing applications with zero changes. A simple change of your connection URL to point to SilkMQ… and voila!

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