Capital One Introduces Blockchain and Analytics for Healthcare

Jack McCarthy | Healthcare IT News | October 25, 2016

Bank forges digital tech partnerships with Gem, PokitDok, and others on services for healthcare claims management.

Credit card and retail banking company Capital One revealed a handful of partnerships with several digital technology providers for its Treasury Management services — including a blockchain-based claims management solution for healthcare clients and another that uses new analytics processes to estimate healthcare patient costs.

“We're seeing unprecedented transformation in the payments space as rapid advances in digital technology are reimagining the client experience,” Capital One executive vice president Patrick Moore said in a statement. “We see the new network models and data analytics capabilities as an opportunity to reinvent treasury management to better meet the needs of clients, not only increasing payment efficiency but also generating actionable information about their business.”

To that end, Capital One also partnered with healthcare specialists Gem, PokitDok, as well as analytics companies Viewpost and ClearGraph. The GemOS is an emerging platform that enables custom logic development for companies developing scalable blockchain applications for health. Capital One’s Revenue Cycle Management pilot runs on GemOS and is supported by the Gem Health Network, a federated blockchain designed to support specific use case development using GemOS instances...