Annotating All Knowledge: What It Means and Why It’s Important

Patrick Johnston | Wiley Blog | December 8, 2015

What does “annotating all knowledge” mean for authors and readers of scholarly content? Why is it important for Wiley to participate? Annotating All Knowledge is a coalition driven by the Project involving over 40 scholarly publishers, platforms, libraries and technology partners.

Scholarly publishing is undergoing a sea change. As governments and institutions strive to make the results of research more and more accessible, the publishing industry is adapting. Open Access was an important step towards authors providing unlimited access to their research, and Wiley has fully embraced this.

In the meantime, the way readers intellectually engage with the substance of what is written has evolved very little, even as the interpretation of what writing is and how it is represented has broadened. There has been much progress in getting machines to understand things on our behalf, but comparatively little in enabling people to understand each other in more meaningful ways...