CSIR In Advanced Phase Of Gene Sequencing Under Its Genome Variation Consortium Project

Nandita Vijay | PHARMABIZ.com | December 29, 2014

Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) is in an advanced phase of study of  Indian Genome Variation Consortium Project. The researchers are now working towards predictive and personalized medicine with an objective to provide quicker treatment options to treat infectious diseases and life style disorders.

The researcher initiative is led by Prof Samir K Bramachari, former director general Council Scientific and Industrial Research and JC Bose Fellow. His team is now assessing the  genetic make up of the Indian population and assess the disease profiles.

“We refer to this research project to comprehend the genetic diversity in Asia through genome sequencing. We have already collected the blood samples from northern western and southern states in the country. The project has 100 individuals including centenarians who have consented to sequence their genes. The researchers has sequenced 16 genes of 88 individuals. Since, there are several groups being associated with this research, it would help us to arrive at the final outcome which would allow targeted therapy protocols, Prof Bramachari, told Pharmabiz...