Open Source's 2014: MS 'Cancer' Embrace, NASDAQ Listings And A Quiet Dog

Matt Asay | The Register | December 27, 2014

Shame and coming late can be good things ... right?

Ho hum. Another year, another slew of open source announcements that prove the once-maligned development methodology is now so mainstream as to be tedious. Running most of the world’s most powerful supercomputers? Been there, done that. Giving retailers the ability to deliver highly customized paper coupons to consumers based on warehouse inventory nearby? So 2013!

And yet in 2014 we had a few events in open source that managed to surprise us, and suggest an even brighter future.  The biggest open source news of 2014 actually isn’t. News, that is. As Red Hat storage executive Neil Levine opines, the “dog that didn't bark” in 2014 was the fact that "no major enterprise platform launched this year that wasn't built with [open source software]"...