Ebola Outbreak: UK Border Not Prepared For Virus Warns Immigration Service Union

Staff Writer | The Telegraph | July 31, 2014

General Secretary of the Immigration Service Union (ISU) Lucy Moreton says the border is not prepared to deal with the Ebola outbreak and staff do not know what to do if they suspect someone of being sick

Immigration Service Union general secretary Lucy Moreton said border officials have little idea about what to do when confronted with people coming to the UK with suspected cases of the Ebola virus.  Moreton said border staff had not been given proper advice about how to deal with people suspected of being sick and were worried themselves about being infected.  There have been concerns that the disease could move to the UK after it emerged two people have been assessed for the virus in Britain.

A man was given the all-clear following tests in Birmingham after he travelled from Benin in Nigeria via Paris to the Midlands, while doctors ruled out the need for an Ebola test in a second male in west London.  Fears are rising after an epidemic of the deadly virus swept West Africa, killing more than 670 people. Ebola has no vaccine and there is no cure.  The outbreak has centred on Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea...