Frances Pinter On Knowledge Unlatched And The Evolution Of The Industry

Anne-Marie Green | Wiley | July 1, 2014

We recently spoke with Frances Pinter, founder of Knowledge Unlatched, a non-profit enabling sustainable Open Access book publishing.  She is also the CEO of Manchester University Press.

Q. What is your current role with Knowledge Unlatched?
A. I am the founder and currently the executive director.

Q. Why did you decide to start Knowledge Unlatched – what problem were you trying to solve?
A.  I was trying to find a way around a number of problems. First and foremost, I’ve watched the decline in the sale of monographs over the decades, especially in Humanities and Social Sciences. I think this is a disaster because so many foundations of our knowledge generated in these subjects is first expressed and properly understood through a form of publication that is longer than a journal article. I also wanted to find a way of avoiding a new, but equally damaging knowledge divide between those that have access to content digitally and those that do not...