Telehealth Spurs Big Changes In Care

John Andrews | Healthcare IT News | May 13, 2014

The face of telehealth is changing in ways that are becoming unrecognizable from just a few short years ago. No longer is it just a rudimentary communication between healthcare providers and patients. It is now a substantive encounter that reflects the intimacy and personal nature of a face-to-face visit, providers of new-generation technology say.

As technological advancements focus on the integrity and dimension of quality patient care, it is giving rise to a new term that is being used more often in the field by people like Kevin Fickenscher, MD, chief medical officer of AMC Healthcare: Telecare.

“I describe us as being in the telecare business,” he said. “Telecare is much more proactive than telehealth.” Though AMC is positioned as a remote monitoring organization, it is only a piece of what the company does, Fickenscher said...