This Device Could Solve One Of The Biggest Problems Facing Wearable Tech

Lisa Eadicicco | Business Insider | May 8, 2014

Today, headphones are typically used to temporarily shut out your surroundings. In the near future, however, devices such as the Dash smart earphones could be used to enhance the world around you by providing supplemental information about the people you meet and the places you visit — without looking obnoxious.

Bragi, which will make the Dash earbuds, skyrocketed past its Kickstarter goal of $260,000 by raising more than $3 million during its campaign in March. The $179 smart in-ear headphones are capable of functioning as a fitness tracker, heart-rate monitor, Bluetooth headset, music player (it has 4GB of storage space), and a standard headphone for streaming music.

But what's more interesting than the device itself is the potential it opens up for the next generation of wearable gadgets...