40% Italian Public Administrations Uses Open Source

Gijs Hillenius | JoinUp | May 5, 2014

Just over 40 per cent of Italy's public administrations are using open source software solutions, the country's National Statistical Institute, Istat, reports. According to its 'Public institutions' 2011 Census' report, published on 31 March, this is especially the case among state, regional and provincial administrations.

Istat in March presented some of the results it took from its 2011 surveyof public administrations, focussing on their ICT use.  All of Italy's twenty regional public administrations, 69.7 per cent of all state administration and constitutional organisations and 93.6 per cent of its 110 provincial administrations implement open source solutions.

Some 40.7 per cent of all of Italy's municipalities are using open source, Istat writes. The percentage increase follows the rise of inhabitants: 25.9 percent of municipalities with less than 5000 inhabitants, to 79.8 per cent for towns and cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants.

In the autonomous region of Bolzano, 86.2 per cent of all municipal administrations use open source. In second place is the region of Tuscany, with 67.9 per cent followed by Emilia Romagna, with 61.4 per cent. In the Friuli–Venezia Giulia region, which has many small-sized municipalities, 56.9 per cent of all administrations use open source...