Your Phone Really Wants You To Be Healthier

Polly Mosendz | The Wire | May 2, 2014

Mobile giants Apple and Samsung are both pushing fitness in their upcoming phone releases, because you clearly don't have enough guilt about not working out as it is. The Wire put down the chips and soda long enough to investigate how exactly your phone is going to start tracking your health.

Apple has long had amazing fitness apps, many of which are free to download, but they're taking fitness to a whole new level with their next release. While details of iOS 8 have not been confirmed by the company, trusted sources have reported that Apple's next operating system will definitely be powered by sweat. It will allegedly include a built-in feature called "Healthbook," and its going to control every part of your body. 9to5Mac sourced these screenshots of the system:

You will be able to flip through the "cards" to fill out information yourself, while other information will be populated automatically as you use the phone. Apple will be tracking almost all of your bodily functions, but it is unclear exactly how they will be doing it. Last year, Apple hired Jay Blahnik, a top fitness instructor and a key factor in the development of Nike's FuelBand. If history were to repeat itself, Apple would be sourcing information for HealthBook through a band or watch of some kind, which would likely be sold separately...