EWG Releases 2014 Pesticides In Produce ‘Dirty Dozen’ And ‘Clean Fifteen’: Apples Worst Offender, Once Again

Jill Ettinger | Organic Authority | April 29, 2014

The Environmental Working Group has released its 2014 editions of the ‘Dirty Dozen’ and ‘Clean Fifteen’ guides to pesticides on produce.

Topping this year’s list once again for containing the most pesticides are apples. They’ve topped the list since the 2011 guides were released. Avocados topped the cleanest produce list, showing the least amount of pesticide residue.

“EWG publishes its annual rating of conventional foods with the most and least pesticide residues to fill the void left by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, which has largely failed to tell Americans all they have a right to know about the risks of pesticide exposure and ways they can reduce pesticides in their diets,” the group said in the report.


The article is great from

The article is great from public health point of view and it really a serious matter that why U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is unable to answer the public, regarding pesticides exposures? Last week, I had gone through an article which clearly describes that spraying natural pesticides on apples will completely eradicate the consumption of pesticides in American diet.