Epic EHR Adoption Debated In North Carolina’s Durham County

Kyle Murphy | EHR Intelligence | April 10, 2014

The Durham County Board of Commissioners has an Epic decision to make in the weeks ahead after representatives from the Lincoln Community Health Center (LCHC) and Duke University Health System (DUHS) proposed implementing a unified EHR system.

During a meeting of the Board of County Commissioners earlier this week, LCHC CEO Philip Harewood explained the health IT situation at the health center responsible for serving the area’s medically underserved population in North Carolina’s Durham County.

“Currently, Lincoln is operating on an electronic medical record system that is close to ten years old,” he told members of the board. “Of course, you know how quickly technology changes, so Lincoln for the past couple of years has been thinking, contemplating how we can move forward with to implement a new system that can better meet the needs of today’s healthcare environment.”...