Telemedicine Will Be The Norm As Care Shifts Towards Patients

Jennifer Bresnick | EHRintelligence | April 9, 2014

After nearly half a century advocating for the adoption of remote care, Dr. Jay Sanders, often dubbed the “Father of Telemedicine,” knows a thing or two about using technology to enhance the doctor-patient relationship.  As founder and former president of the American Telemedicine Association, Sanders has worked on numerous initiatives, including developing telehealth infrastructure in Georgia and consulting with NASA to keep astronauts healthy in space.

Telemedicine has a great deal of untapped potential, Sanders believes, not just as a way to connect patients with physicians, but also to revolutionize the way clinicians interact with the people they serve.  In this interview with EHRintelligence, Sanders discusses the emergence of telemedicine as an accepted and beneficial way to practice medicine despite the many barriers that still remain.