'I Lost 10 Relatives To Ebola'

Staff Writer | BBC News | April 3, 2014

Ebola fever has killed at least 86 people in Guinea in recent weeks and another six in Liberia. Firmin Bogon, who lives in Gueckedou near the borders with Liberia and Sierra Leone, told BBC Afrique how he lost his sister, his wife, his stepmother and other loved ones to the virus.

My sister came to my home on her return from Sierra Leone and said she was unwell. We took her to a hospital, where tests were carried out and people said she had typhoid fever.

Doctors prescribed drugs but did not tell her to stay in hospital, so we treated her at home. Within a couple of days she passed away.

Nobody knew it was contagious, and she was looked after by many people. She must have contaminated others even after her death, while her body was taken away for burial in the village and people had access to it.