10 Open Hardware Projects To Save The Earth

Tristan Copley Smith | Shareable | March 24, 2014

On the coattails of the rise of intellectual property and economic monopolies, the Open Source movement is thriving, expanding public access to knowledge, culture and tools. Advocates have opened up everything from software to science, media to politics...and of course, data. Now we even have an emerging model in which to implement and develop this openness, as Michel Bauwens describes in the following video.

As Alastair Parvin of WikiHouse put it:

“This increased access to knowledge is hugely important...it acts as the foundational infrastructure on which we can start to build a whole new economy.”

'Open' stands as a definitive yet diverse movement, void of historic or cultural stigma, under which many disparate but synergistic disciplines are sharing, collaborating and innovating. I’ve been fortunate to document some radical examples of this movement working with WikiLeaks and Open Source Ecology. At OSE, I was exposed to the challenges and triumphs of developing the physical side of open, known as Open Source Hardware. Currently I’m working with former OSE members at the Open Tech Collaborative to develop hardware...