The State Of LTE 4G Networks Worldwide In 2014 And The Poor Performance Of The US

Charlie Osborne | ZDNet | February 21, 2014

Summary: You might be surprised to hear that while the U.S.'s average 4G speeds are among the worst in the world, the quickest you can find is from a Brazilian operator.

LTE. Usually quicker than its predecessor, 3G, the 4G standard is being heavily marketed to consumers as carriers around the world upgrade their networks and infrastructure to accommodate higher data consumption and increased connectivity. However, even as subscribers adopt the new technology -- and pricing to match -- there is a broad range of experiences when it boils down to download speed, the proportion of time spent using LTE, and overall customer satisfaction.

Network monitor OpenSignal has released new data examining the state of LTE networks worldwide, reminding us that just because next-generation wireless networks are established does not mean they remain stable or constant.