My HealtheVet celebrates 10th anniversary

Diana Manos | Government Health IT | December 5, 2013

First it was my My HealtheVet (, the personal health record [PHR] used by the Veterans Health Administration. Then it was BlueButton, which spawned BlueButton+. One way or another, the Veterans Administration continues to lead the way into the health record digital age, not only for veterans and Medicare beneficiaries, but for the private sector as well.

On Nov. 26, the VA announced the tenth anniversary of My HealtheVet, a front-running online electronic health record system used to provide vets with personal health records, prescription refills, notes, Blue Button and secure messaging.

“VA is a pioneer and a leader of health information technology that improves patient-provider relationships, embraces wellness and improves health outcomes for the brave men and women who have served our Nation,” said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki in a news release.

Open Health News' Take: 

There are a number of key people who ought to be recognized for ensuring My HealtheVet became a reality. I'm referring in particular Dr. Kolodner, Dan Maloney, and Ginger Price. I had the pleasure of working with them for many years. Beyond them, there have been dozens of others in the VA who labored quietly in the background for many years to build and deploy this highly successful PHR system.  -  Peter Groen, Senior Editor, OHNews