In Mass., You Can Now Get Prices For Health Care In Advance (But It’s No T.J. Maxx)

Martha Bebinger | | October 8, 2013

“How much will my MRI cost?” It sounds like a simple question. But before Oct. 1, it was very difficult to get an answer.

Now, Massachusetts is pulling back the curtain on what has been a largely secret world of health care prices. A new state law says health insurers must be able to tell members, in advance, how much a test, treatment or surgery will cost. The idea is to help patients become health care shoppers — especially patients who have to pay a lot out of pocket before their insurance kicks in.

Phone Calls And Forms

I threw out my back last week and went to the doctor. She sent me down the hall for X-rays. I may need more. So, I was curious: How much does an X-ray cost? I called my insurer, Blue Cross.